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7 Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Small businesses have a lot on their plates. They need to keep track of trends, stay ahead of the competition, and be able to communicate with their target market. Luckily, it’s never been easier to get a small businesses website or to monitor progress and find new potential customers. With a few simple strategies, small business owner can easily manage their SEO and increase the search visibility of their business. Here are 7 tips from the experts at WD Ocala Web Design

Tip 1: Use keywords in your websites’ meta tags. 

Small businesses have trouble getting their keywords recognized in the search engines because of a lack of money and resources. However, one thing they can do is add meta tags in order for visitors to find them when they search on a specific word.

For example, let’s say there is a web design and SEO agency in Gainesville, FL that wants to get more traffic from search engines. The business owner could include the keywords “seo”, “website optimization”, and “company name” in their meta title tag to increase their search visibility. Some large companies such as Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft even allow you to do your own meta tag submission.

Tip 2: Monitor your competitors’ websites. 

Although websites are built to be viewed by users, search engines also crawl them for keywords. You can gain a lot of insight about your competitors simply by monitoring their websites. Since search engines are always updating their algorithms, you can get individual insights into your competition.

Tip 3: Use social media 

Social media is an excellent way to spread awareness of your brand or business. It’s also a great tool for increasing SEO visibility because it allows you to reach audiences who may not know about you yet. The key to using social media effectively is to start small and not over-promote your business.

All major social media sites have applications that you can download to your smartphone. This makes it easy for you to search for keywords, look at comments, and monitor social media activity on the go. You should also ask your employees to use social media as well because it’s easier for them to share information about your company on their own time.

Tip 4: Have an active blog. 

Blogs are a great tool for getting your business noticed. Not only do blogs give you the ability to communicate with your customers and keep them up to date, but they also let you include keywords and links back to your website. Make sure that you update your blog at least weekly and include interesting titles and descriptions to get the full benefits of SEO. You should also constantly be adding new content that will help build your online reputation as well as appear on search engine listings.

Tip 5: Use videos. 

Videos are one of the most popular ways to reach potential customers today. With many people using their phones, it’s easy to upload a video to your website or YouTube for viewers to see anytime they want. Most search engines even display links that point to specific keywords that are shown within the videos themselves. Just make sure you get permission from any person who appears in your videos before uploading them.

Tip 6: Build backlinks

Backlinks are a great way to increase your SEO ranking. While it’s true that visitors from social media can help you get new customers, backlinks can help bring new visitors who are already interested in your business. The best way to build quality backlinks for your website is to create a powerful online reputation using your blog and videos. Also, you should work on building links from networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Ask your SEO agency how they build backlinks!

Tip 7: Update Your real phone, address and email

Google ranks websites on how user friendly it and the likelihood that it is a real legitimate website. Your phone number, email (or contact form) should be visible almost immediately from almost any page on your website. This also shows google that you are relevant, local and are proving an excellent experience for your visitors. Always have the most up to date and accurate contact info

Now you should have some tips for how you can get more traffic from the search engines and if you want to take it a step further speak with our local SEO consultant or work with our digital marketing agency in Ocala

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